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How to make it through an emergency visit to the ER

With all the recent medical dramas, the only thing I am sure of is this: you need to go through the ER if you have a medical emergency.

There are many reasons you should visit the emergency room, but if you’re not in a state of shock and are feeling anxious, you might want to consider a trip to the emergency department first.

Here are some tips to get you through an ER visit.


Ask for help with the basics, like how to get around If you’re anxious and feel a little out of place, ask for help and get the basics out of the way.

Most people will have a list of places and people to call and ask for a quick ride to, or maybe a car to take you to your destination.

If you need help, ask what you can do for someone else.


Take a walk You know you have the right person to ask for directions, right?

But sometimes, just like with the ambulance, it’s the simple act of walking that helps you feel more at ease.

Take one of the many walks around your neighborhood.

There’s no rush, and you can be sure your doctor will be there to help.


Walk to the pharmacy It’s hard to get into the pharmacy in the morning.

So you’ll need to take a few minutes before your appointment to ask a few questions about where you can get something, such as prescription medication.


Ask if you can use the bathroom You may feel a bit awkward if you ask the pharmacist where you’re supposed to go and they’ll probably say no, but the pharmacy is full of people with allergies, so if you know you need the bathroom, it’ll be easier to walk to the restroom and get help.


Ask to see the patient’s room You can be nervous about showing up for an appointment with a family member or friend, so ask if you may need to share a room.

They’ll be happy to have someone help you with the paperwork, and your appointment will be more convenient.


Ask what kind of medication you need There’s a lot of information about medication, so you might have to ask what kind you’re taking.

Many hospitals and pharmacies have a “dose guide” on their websites, so it’s important to know how much medication you’re getting.

If your doctor has a specific protocol for how much to take, you can ask to see that information and see if it’s different from what you’re used to.

If so, you’ll know you’re on the right track.


Ask about the family history and symptoms There’s an online registry where people can get their medical history and ask questions about their family history.

There is also a form of the registry that people can fill out if they have questions about a medical condition, such a heart condition or cancer.


Get an appointment at a different hospital or clinic If you have to go to the same place for the same treatment, ask your doctor about it first.

For example, if you live in a large city, you may want to see if there’s a larger hospital nearby.


Get tested If you think you might be having an allergic reaction, go to your doctor and get a test to make sure you’re in the right range.


Talk with your doctor You can talk to your doctors about your health and ask about your options, like if you should see a nurse or a nurse practitioner, or if you need medication.

Some doctors will ask for you to have a personal nurse to be with you.


Ask someone for advice You don’t have to talk to everyone you’re considering visiting, but you should always ask for advice.

Sometimes a doctor will say something like, “well, if I could ask a single person, it would be you.”

That’s great advice, but sometimes, if the doctor doesn’t know, they’ll just tell you to “go with your gut.”

If you feel uncomfortable or have questions, ask the nurse or doctor in charge of your care to talk with you about your needs.


Get a card You may not have a doctor’s appointment, but your doctor can provide you with a card.

They may ask for photos or you can write your doctor’s name on a card, and they will also put a letter or number on your card to confirm your identity.

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