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Ngoc Elysia ATP Blog Asthma CEO says ‘we’re not going to shut down’ as it’s an industry and it’s growing

Asthma CEO says ‘we’re not going to shut down’ as it’s an industry and it’s growing

Asthmics chief executive officer has claimed that the company is not planning to shut its doors, despite recent reports that it is looking to do so.

In an interview with Reuters earlier this week, Asthms CEO Mark Thompson said that he would not be closing his firm’s doors, but would instead work with a “small team of people” to continue working in the industry.

“We are going to continue to be part of the community and I don’t think there is any intention to shut up,” Thompson told Reuters.

“I think it’s part of being part of this industry and the people that we’re working with, there is no intention of shutting down.”

It is just part of how we work.

“The Asthmmas Chief Executive officer said that the healthcare industry had a huge opportunity to grow and it would be a mistake to not take advantage of it.”

What we’ve been talking about is this huge opportunity in healthcare and it is a massive opportunity to be an employer and grow our business and I think it is one that we should embrace,” he said.”

So I think this is just a part of what I’ve said and I’m not going, ‘no, we’re not doing it’.

“The Asstmics CEO also said that Asthmus is in discussions with some “big players” in the healthcare sector to look into “whether there is an opportunity” to partner with them.”

But I don`t know who those big players are yet and they`re all working hard on the other side of the fence,” he added.

Thompson also noted that his company has been “building” a team of asstmies that are looking at “what could happen” in 2018.”

The other thing we’re trying to do is build our team so we can have a bigger footprint and we can be a part or be a partner,” he explained.

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