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How does it work?

The maternal fetal and neonatal specialist is a specialist in fetal and infant health, and specializes in maternal and neonatic morbidity, neonatal and fetal death and morbidity management, fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality management and the use of medical imaging and diagnostic technologies in the delivery of children.

The position provides a flexible role that allows for career flexibility and a high level of involvement in the health of the family.

As a specialist, the practitioner can perform routine care, perform diagnostic testing and perform post-partum care to ensure the welfare of the infant and mother.

 The position requires that the practitioner be in a safe and well-ventilated environment, has access to an adequate supply of oxygen, has appropriate equipment and is well versed in the medical aspects of maternal and infant care.

 This position is primarily funded by the federal government, which provides funds for health care providers in developing countries.

How to applyFor more information about the position, visit the Pregnancy Care Support Centre’s website or call 1-800-933-9267.

Read more about the job, the position and the PTC position title Mother’s Fetal and Neonatal Specialist article

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