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New research finds that gum is better than medical cannabis

A new study by researchers at Imperial College London has found that cannabis, in its purest form, is significantly safer than cannabis cigarettes.

The study, which has been published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, analysed data from over 4,200 people who smoked cannabis cigarettes in the UK.

This analysis was done using the same methods as previously published research, with the caveat that it was not designed to detect whether the risk of developing cancer was actually higher with smoking cannabis cigarettes or cannabis extracts.

It was clear that cannabis cigarettes were significantly safer, even when the participants were not smokers.

The researchers analysed data for people who had used cannabis, but had never smoked cigarettes, or for those who had only ever smoked cigarettes.

For both groups, the risk from cancer was lower than in the cannabis group, which had a rate of 7.4 per 1,000 people who were not cigarette smokers.

This finding is consistent with previous research on the health benefits of cannabis, with previous studies suggesting that cannabis could lower the risk for some cancers, but this is not clear.

This research suggests that cannabis can be considered as a safer alternative to cigarettes when it comes to cancer risk.

The authors note that while the overall risk of cancer is low, the overall cancer risk associated with cannabis is higher than cigarettes.

This is likely because cannabis contains fewer toxicants, including THC, and is less addictive than cigarettes, but it is also likely to be because the body reacts differently to the chemicals in cannabis compared to tobacco.

“The study highlights the potential of cannabinoids as a potential treatment for cancer and other diseases, but more research is needed to assess the potential benefits and harms associated with using them,” said lead researcher Dr Sami Sahloul, from Imperial’s Institute of Medical Research.

A new study suggests that smoking cannabis can lower your cancer risk by reducing your risk of becoming a cancer patient.

The findings have been published by the journal Psychopharm.

It’s important to note that this is just a small study, and it only examined the cancer risk from cannabis smoking in people who have smoked cigarettes in their lives.

The research team is now seeking to further investigate the potential health benefits and risks of cannabis smoking and cannabis extracts, as well as other drugs that have similar effects, such as MDMA and ketamine.

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