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Ngoc Elysia ATP Servic When a VP is a vet, what’s a vet’s job?

When a VP is a vet, what’s a vet’s job?

There are two types of vets in the world: those who have a vested interest in getting to the bottom of a problem and those who are simply there to help.

But according to new research from the American Veterinary Medical Association, they don’t necessarily have to be the same.

According to a new survey conducted by the AVMA, only one-fifth of vets had a vested financial interest in a patient’s success.

The survey, conducted by Vets4Vets, a nonprofit that provides information about veterinary health, found that nearly half of vets surveyed had no vested financial interests in patient care.

But when asked about their interests in particular problems, a whopping 92% of vets responded with “a vested interest” in a particular situation.

The study found that the vast majority of vets have no vested interest when it comes to a particular problem.

For example, only about 30% of veterinarians who work in the animal health industry have a specific vested interest and about two-thirds of vets working in the veterinary medicine field have no interest in patients’ health.

The other large majority of veteriners who responded had a particular interest in improving the health of patients.

The majority of these veterinarians had a “specialty in a specific area” of the care that a patient might need.

For instance, in veterinary medicine, nearly half (49%) of veterinists working in general practice were veterinarians with a specialty in an area of care.

This group has a particular need in the care of people with heart disease.

According to the AVM study, only three-quarters of vets with a vested investment said they had a financial interest to improve patients’ quality of life.

And even fewer (22%) said they felt their interest was focused solely on improving the patient’s condition, rather than the patient herself.

“The results show that not everyone who works in the profession has a vested benefit, and there is a strong incentive to focus on improving patients’ condition and safety,” Dr. Jennifer F. Hargrove, an AVMA veterinary doctor and the lead author of the study, said in a statement.

“Vets are at the center of a wide range of care and caregiving decisions, which includes many complex decisions that affect the well-being of patients and the community.

Vets are also at the heart of the American medical system and need to have a voice in how we care for patients and their care.”

Dr. Peter Kohn, the director of the VetMed Network, a national network of veterinary health professionals, said the study was a “wake up call” for veterinarians.

“This is an important finding because it confirms what many veterinarians have known for years: the veterinary profession is not about having the highest ethical standards, but it is about working with patients and understanding the challenges they face,” Kohn said.

“While it is important for vets to have an ethical perspective, there is an opportunity to make meaningful changes in our practice by working with other healthcare professionals to address the needs of patients who are in need.”

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