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How to get the most out of your health coverage

Salary and benefits specialist salaries at obgyn specialists can vary widely depending on the position, but it can be difficult to compare the salaries and benefits of the same person.

Here are the top 5 obgyn specialty salaries to know for 2018.


Health and wellness specialist salaries, by position Obgyn specialists are typically responsible for providing the health care to the patients in the medical clinic and for managing and monitoring the patient’s physical, emotional and mental health, as well as managing the medical and social history of the patients.

They can also be a key part of the patient and family planning services and also offer other services to the patient such as counseling, and also perform other related medical procedures.

Obgyn specialist salaries vary based on a number of factors, including the location, type of surgery and the complexity of the procedure, as reported by Glassdoor.

The average obgyn surgeon earns $160,000 per year, according to Glassdoor data.


Family planning specialist salaries Obgyn clinics can be highly specialized, and in many cases the health plans in the community or within a given area pay the entire staff to perform these services, and these specialists typically perform the most complicated procedures.

There are several types of obgyn clinics in the United States.

One type of obgyns specialty is in the family planning industry, in which the primary focus is on birth control.

The other is in primary care, which is a specialized area of obstetrics and gynecology that focuses on pregnancy and family care.

The obgyn clinic usually has the patient at the center, and this is where the most expensive services are performed, according Toilolo, which he added is why it is important to compare salaries.

“The OBGYN is the primary provider of family planning,” Toiloli said.

“Family planning is very important, but if you compare obgyn salaries to OBGYNs, it is the lowest and most basic kind of medical care you can get.

The OBGYNTY is the specialist that focuses only on the patient, but they have to be very specific in what they do.”

The median obgyn salary is $105,000, according a salary calculator by Glassdoors.


General surgery and orthopedics specialist salaries Some surgeons also specialize in orthopedic or general surgery, which means they specialize in a variety of operations that involve removing bone, cartilage and other types of soft tissue.

Obgyns also specialize with cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation and face fillers, which can be very expensive.

A general surgeon with the specialty of obesogenic surgery earns $165,000 in salary, according Glassdoor, and the median general surgeon salary is around $110,000.


Advanced surgical assistant salaries Some obgyn surgeries are also performed on a part-time basis.

A part-timed obgyn, for example, will spend time working on her own, which makes it less likely that she will have to see patients in person.

Toilolos said it is often difficult to estimate how much a part time obgyn earns, because most part- time obgynes are part-timer and may not get paid a lot of money for working on their own, but he added that the median part-hour obgyn pays $100,000 annually.


Orthopedic and reconstructive surgeon salaries Obygens can be specialized in a number areas, including orthopedism and reconstruction, and a general surgeon can also perform a variety surgeries on the patients themselves.

Toilelolo said that he doesn’t know of any obgyn that specializes solely in orthotics, although he noted that there are some surgeons who specialize in both, such as a general plastic surgeon, which specializes in reconstructive surgery.

The median orthopedist salary is about $140,000 and the average reconstructive orthopedists salary is closer to $100

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