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Ngoc Elysia ATP About Why is it so hard to diagnose a heart attack?

Why is it so hard to diagnose a heart attack?

You can’t just see it with a simple X-ray, so the first step is identifying the problem.

And once that’s identified, there are a couple of different approaches.

One of the most common is a simple blood test that looks for the proteins in the blood.

This is a very good test, but it’s a pretty crude one, and it’s done by a medical specialist.

You can get a basic blood test for the presence of certain proteins that are produced when blood clotting is taking place.

This test takes about 10 minutes.

If it shows anything abnormal, that’s a sign that something is wrong.

So if you get a blood test and it shows that your heart rate is abnormally high, that means that something’s wrong.

Another approach is a CAT scan, which is a computerized test that scans the brain for damage and changes in brain activity.

If there’s damage to your brain, it can be seen by the CAT scan.

If you get the CAT test, it’s like having a CAT and the CT scan, but this one’s done in a hospital, and that’s much more precise and sensitive.

A third approach is to do a PET scan.

This one involves looking at the fluid in the brain, called blood.

You look for signs of damage to the brain called microglia, and you can get those by looking at your blood, too.

This takes about three hours, and is done by one of the leading MRI and CT laboratories in the world, the American Brain Tumor Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

If the PET scan shows signs of brain damage, that indicates that there’s an underlying problem, and there’s a good chance that it’s the cause of your condition.

And the most effective way to diagnose heart attacks is to get a PET test and do an imaging study.

And this imaging study is a really important part of the treatment.

You get the PET scanner and the blood and you put that in a special bag that you can carry around, and the doctor or the other doctors or nurses can look at it.

And you get an MRI of the heart and the brain and the rest of the body.

This MRI is going to show what’s going on in the heart, the heart muscle, the nerves, and what’s causing the damage.

The other important part is the CT scanner, which uses the same technology that’s used in a CAT, but instead of using X-rays, you look at the shape of your skull and the size of your brain.

That’s what the MRI scans.

And it takes about 20 minutes to do the MRI, and at that point you can begin to diagnose the problem with the PET scans.

There’s a lot more information about heart attacks on the Web.

And if you have questions about heart attack symptoms, call your local health department, or call the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at 1-800-318-4434.

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