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When will the next Google Glass?

The next Google product will likely be called Glass and it will be built around wearable computers and other wearable tech, according to the chief operating officer of Alphabet’s parent company, Google.

Speaking to investors during the company’s first-quarter earnings call, Eric Schmidt said that Glass will be a wearable device that can run Android apps.

“Google Glass will run Android software.

Google Glass will have some of the same capabilities as Google Glass, including voice recognition and navigation,” Schmidt said.”

Glass is designed for the enterprise market.

The Glass Explorer program will enable Glass users to explore and work on Glass-enabled projects and content in Google Play and the Google Developer Program,” Schmidt added.

Glass is already in use by companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google and will likely go on sale later this year.

The company also recently announced that it would soon release Glass to the general public. 

Google also recently unveiled the first Google Glass accessory called the Google Glasses Earphone, which will allow users to listen to music while wearing the Glasses device. 

“Glass will have a variety of functionality and will allow people to work from home and at work,” Schmidt told investors.

“The Glass Explorer Program is part of Google’s efforts to allow Glass users in the enterprise to explore, build and share Glass-powered applications in the Google Play Store.”

Glass has been rumored for years and is one of the most anticipated products for 2017.

In February, the company unveiled a new Glass device called the Glass Projector that will allow Glass-wearing users to watch TV shows and movies on their Glasses.

The next Google products could include wearable computers, smartwatches, virtual reality and augmented reality.

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