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Carollina Attention Specialist is on leave, says school

The Carollinas attention specialists are on leave and their colleagues are waiting to hear from the district when they return to work, but they say it’s too soon to say what will happen next.

Carollina is the only area of the county where the school district has not been able to keep its attention specialists on for extended periods of time.

That’s partly because the district has been spending $40 million a year to help the district deal with the epidemic.

The district also has an obligation to provide some level of care for the students.

But district leaders say that’s not enough to maintain the quality of the care.

Carol Anne Smith, the district’s chief operating officer, says her staff has been trying to figure out how to help Carolliniens attention specialists.

The school district had previously been working with a private company, but the school board and the state legislature intervened and ordered Carollinas attention specialists to get a contract with the state.

Smith says the district now is working with the Carollins attention specialists’ private company to determine what services the district will be providing to Carollinian children.

She says the attention specialists will be allowed to return to school and that Carollino students will be able to return for a second year.

Carolla-Amarillo Schools, a district in northeast Carollinca, says it is in the process of seeking more information from the state on what kind of care Carollineans children will receive.

In a statement, the school system said it is committed to ensuring Carollinese students have access to the best care available.

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