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Which veterinary staff can you trust?

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see more vets in the field.

In a new report by Vetstars, a leading veterinary training company, almost two thirds of the veterinary workforce says they work for someone other than the vet they work with, and just two thirds say they work on a full-time basis.

This has serious implications for the future of veterinary medicine, the company says.

“The world needs to invest more in training, and not less, because the current situation is unsustainable,” said Vetstars chief executive, Ian McNeill.

“We need more vets, more vets working full-timed, and more vets at home.”

I’ve worked at veterinary clinics in the UK and the US for more than 20 years, and it’s always been the case that vets are not on staff, or in a permanent location, and there’s never been a shortage of staff.

In my experience, this has been largely because of the need to work within a large organisation.

But in the last five years, veterinary medicine has gone from being a highly regulated profession to being more like a small-scale manufacturing industry, where companies like Pembroke have had to build relationships with the public and with vets.

“Vetstars believes that the public wants to see veterinarians as a part of the solution, rather than a part and parcel of the problem,” said Mr McNeill, adding that vets need to be given the tools and support they need to ensure they can work in a sustainable way.

I’d like the public to have more confidence in the way they treat animals in a veterinary setting.

And I’d love for vets to work with the community more.

The report has a number of recommendations that could help change that.

For starters, it calls for vets in Australia to get the training they need from the industry.

Vets should be given access to online courses, so that they can better understand the issues they deal with.

They should be encouraged to get involved in community programs, such as the Australian Veterinary Council’s Vet Assist program.

And vets should have access to social media, where they can share their stories and ideas, and share with others the problems they face.

A third recommendation from Vetstars would see vets have access only to a limited number of tools.

One of the most important tools for the public, of course, is access to vets’ information, and this can be an issue when they need help, or are faced with a difficult situation.

Veterinary information is often more accessible online than in print, and so there is more value in access than in value.

“There is a need for the government to encourage greater access to information and training for vets,” said Ms McNeill “We think the current system has a lot of room for improvement, particularly for those working in a more remote area.”

A fourth suggestion is to allow vets to have a say in their organisation.

This would be a great opportunity for vets and their organisations to have input into the organisation.

There are a number who work in the health sector and care for patients, and others who are responsible for their own clinics and clinics for patients.

It’s important that vets have this power to make decisions for themselves, and to have this influence on the way the organisation operates.

The recommendations from VetStars also recognise that there are still challenges in veterinary care.

“It is imperative that all veterinarians understand the importance of a responsible approach to veterinary care,” said Dr McNeill .

“We recognise that the current model of working in isolation is unsustainable and we must work together to change it.”

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