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California woman’s baby saved from a sinkhole

A California woman has been rescued from a sunken canal that could have taken her baby.

The woman, who goes by the name of Michelle, was working on her boat when it hit a piece of metal that caught fire.

Michelle said she was working in the canal on Saturday when she noticed a piece fall off.

Michelle, who works for a California company that helps families deal with water damage, said she tried to pull it out of the water, but she couldn’t.

She said the metal fell from the boat and onto the water.

She and her crew called for help and called a helicopter.

The helicopter was able to get Michelle and her team out of danger and took them to a hospital.

They were released Sunday morning.

The incident happened in the Redding, California, area, the California Department of Water Resources said.

A spokesperson for the agency said in a statement that water rescues like this are extremely rare and that rescuers were fortunate to have a vessel like this in the area.

They’re looking into how this happened and are asking anyone with information to contact the California State Water Resources Office at 530-834-3200.

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