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Ngoc Elysia ATP About Tree specialist in Texas says tree is healthy, but not as strong as it used to be

Tree specialist in Texas says tree is healthy, but not as strong as it used to be

A tree specialist in the United States says his tree is strong and healthy, and he says he is not sure whether it will last as long as it once did.

But tree specialist and tree doctor Michael Shire says the tree is no longer as big as it was when he started working at the tree farm in May.

Shire says that, in his experience, tree limbs, branches, and leaves are now more resilient to the effects of a drought.

Shire was not at the farm last week when the rains started.

But Shire said he is hopeful that his trees will be stronger.

“We have seen a lot of trees die,” Shire told ABC News.

“There are trees that are really weak and they can’t even stand up, they can fall and die.”

But the tree that’s in my office right now is really strong and strong.

It’s a big tree, about the size of a small house.

“It’s a tree that we could see when it was a young tree that was about a foot long.

It weighed about three or four tons.

Now it’s about 12,000 pounds.”

Shire told CBS affiliate KHOU that his farm used to have a total of 25 trees and trees were considered to be the strongest trees on the land.

“Now we have just four trees,” Shive said.

“The four that I have right now are the two that I’ve trained myself to grow, and the one that I had to do that was purchased a couple of years ago.”

So I’ve got a tree now that’s much stronger than when I started, and it’s not as big.

It is much stronger, but I don’t think it’s as strong.

“A drought is expected to continue for several months in Texas.

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