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Doctors treating new cancer patients in Arizona hospital

Arizona has seen an increase in new cases of the new aggressive, rare type of lung cancer, and its leading lung specialist has a grim prognosis.

Arizona Pulmonary & Critical Care Center, in Phoenix, has seen a total of five new cases in the past two months, said Dr. William E. McKeown, a pulmonologist at Arizona State University.

He said his staff was working to manage the influx of new patients and make sure they had the right treatments, but that he was concerned that the spread of the disease could lead to additional deaths.

“It’s been a really tough time,” McKeon said.

A recent analysis of the state’s health care system found that the state is facing the worst health care crisis in more than 50 years, with about 5.5 million uninsured people, according to the American Association of State Colleges and Employers.

McKeown said the disease can spread quickly.

The new cases are not life-threatening, and McKeover said they are unlikely to be fatal.

For example, the cancer is a mild form of lung carcinoma.

But McKeunow said a new form of the cancer, called metastatic polyneuropathy, is possible, and the treatment would involve surgical resection of the tumor.

“If the cancer grows into a large tumor, we can treat that tumor,” McQuillan said.

McKeoughs wife, Dr. Carolyn R. McQuinn, said he is working hard to keep his family together.

She said his cancer has left him with severe pain and fatigue.

Rescuers at the hospital were using a specialized oxygen mask for the first time since the outbreak began, and he is being treated with steroids and radiation.

Ebola virus outbreak: The latest news on the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa and the U.S.

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