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The best and worst perks of an employer’s benefits specialist

Benefits specialists are a vital part of the health care and dental care systems, but their pay and benefits are relatively low compared to their colleagues.

To help you determine if your benefits specialist is a top or bottom payer, we’ve looked at the top benefits and benefits specialists.


Benefits specialists earn $1.8 million per year for each of the top four benefits and perks they work on. 2.

Benefits and Benefits Specialist salaries are in line with their peers and far exceed the average salary for the job.


The average benefits and pay for benefits specialists in the United States is $8,500.4.

Benefits professionals earn on average $8.3 million per month.


Benefits Specialist bonuses are more than 10 times the average annual pay for a senior benefits specialist.


Benefits specialist bonuses are a significant part of your health care costs.


The top five benefits and perk specialists in each state make more than $2.3 billion.


The most recent data available for benefits specialist salaries and pay in the U.S. revealed that most of the compensation is based on the number of years of experience and the value of the benefit.


The median pay for the top five bonuses is $9,500 per year.


Benefits consultants who are on the job for fewer than 10 years earn the most money, averaging $31,000 per year on average.

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