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A Trump administration plan to help vets with bone replacement will put American lives at risk

On Thursday, the Trump administration released a plan to provide more assistance to vets suffering from bone loss and other ailments, according to a draft executive order that was leaked to Axios.

The document, which was not provided to the public and was obtained by The Associated Press, called for a 30 percent increase in bone replacement funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

That would mean the department would be responsible for paying the bill for over 1,200 treatments for bone loss, according the draft.

The move is part of the administration’s effort to address the bone loss epidemic that has claimed the lives of more than 1,100 vets since 2015, according with the AP.

The Trump administration has spent years attempting to stem the increase in veterans deaths, but a number of reforms have stalled in Congress.

The Trump administration announced in May it would fund the cost of bone replacement surgeries for veterans by the end of the year, but the administration has since failed to meet that goal.

Trump also promised in his election campaign to improve the VA’s ability to provide quality care, but he has failed to achieve that goal, the AP reported.

The draft order, obtained by the AP, outlines a range of changes that would improve the department’s ability at the beginning of its operations and the end, including hiring more employees and improving the way veterans receive their services.

The plan also calls for more resources to assist veterans and their families to transition to a new healthcare system and to increase the number of medical providers.

It also outlines steps to help veterans get bone transplants and other bone replacements, including training and advising vets on how to find their doctor and get in touch with their care provider.

Veterans have expressed concerns about the proposed changes, as the agency is tasked with ensuring that veterans receive care and are given appropriate treatment.

The agency has been struggling to deal with the spike in deaths, with some veterans who are undergoing bone replacement treatments dying after months or years without receiving the proper care.

Some veterans have complained that they are not getting the proper medical care and that the new system does not adequately protect them.

Some have expressed concern that the administration could be taking advantage of vets who are in desperate straits and could face financial ruin if they are unable to find a doctor and find a new provider.

Some vets are asking the Trump Administration to include a provision that would allow them to get the treatment they need, which would allow vets to keep their benefits.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the draft order.

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