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How to get a better glass on your car’s dashboard

The best glass is in the dashboard and it’s a matter of taste, says Michael Bialystock, a senior vice president at Auto Glass International in Chicago.

When glass meets a dashboard, it’s more than just a decorative touch.

The glass must be as durable as the dashboard, and it must be able to handle the pressures of high-speed acceleration and braking, according to Bialysky.

Glass is the most difficult element to make work, he says.

A car with a glass dash will likely have more cracks than a car without glass, says Bialiesky.

Glass can crack up to 5,000 times per year in typical driving.

“You can put a car in a garage and they will have glass in it,” he says, “but you need a glass shop, you need the materials and you need to have the expertise to make a glass that’s the best you can.”

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