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How to dig your stomach with your smartphone

A new mobile app is helping you to dig through the foods you’re eating without using a phone.

It works with your smartphones’ sensors to detect the food and track it.

The app, Digitize, uses data from your smartphones sensors to help you track your food intake, track your meals, track food groups, and more.

Digitise, available for iPhone and Android, uses your smartphone’s accelerometer and camera sensors to track the food in your stomach.

You can track the size of each food item you eat and the number of calories, carbs, and protein you consume per serving.

The algorithm can then analyze your food preferences and identify food groups with the best intake and consumption.

It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

Digitize has been created by a team of engineers from Harvard Medical School.

Its developers hope to improve the food tracking tech in food service restaurants and grocery stores, where it’s more difficult to track and track a customer’s eating habits.

They’re using the technology to help improve the quality of food, and to help food trucks and other food delivery services track food intake and deliveries.

The team at Harvard Medical has built an app that uses your phone’s accelerometers to track food and the calories, carbohydrates, and proteins that you eat.

Digitsize uses the data to analyze your eating habits, identify food group(s), and identify foods you enjoy.

And the app can also identify food items that you’re ordering and track how many people in your party are getting the same type of food.

Digitized food will help restaurants, grocery stores and delivery companies track their customers, said Alex K. Kupelian, director of the MIT Department of Computational Neuroscience and Engineering.

He added that Digitizing is also a good fit for people who have a limited smartphone and a laptop, or for people in a hurry to get food.

Digitized food can also be used for tracking other foods, like food from the restaurant’s buffet or on the delivery truck.

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