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Ngoc Elysia ATP Blog How do you make sure you’re not over-thinking the dangers of taking steroids?

How do you make sure you’re not over-thinking the dangers of taking steroids?

A drug which has been widely used for decades has now been linked to serious complications including kidney and liver failure, heart failure, and even death in people taking it for more than a year. 

The drugs, Viagra and Cialis, are being touted as the “next wave” of a once-pillage of painkillers which are increasingly being marketed as “safe” and “proven”.

But the drugs are known to cause serious side effects, including liver damage, kidney failure and heart failure.

Dr Michael McGovern, an expert in steroid therapy at the University of Bristol, has analysed more than 6,000 studies involving more than 300,000 people to understand how Viagra, Cialid and Adderall affect people and how they behave.

He told BBC News: “These drugs are used by a large number of patients in clinical trials to treat chronic pain, depression, anxiety, arthritis and other conditions.”

There are hundreds of thousands of patients who are taking these drugs and they’re doing so for a variety of reasons.

“We don’t know why they’re being prescribed, and it’s possible they have other problems that are causing the problem.”

It is very difficult to know for sure how these drugs affect the heart, but what we do know is that they affect heart function.

“The heart does have a certain threshold of pain that it can tolerate and if you go beyond that threshold, you can get heart failure and you can die.”

But the heart is a very resilient organ and it will survive most things and if the heart can’t withstand something as serious as these drugs, it’s not surprising that the heart would survive it.

“In one study published in the British Medical Journal in 2014, doctors used an instrument called the Cardiac Stress Monitor to monitor the blood pressure and heart rate of over 1,000 patients taking drugs for at least two years.

The study found that those taking Cialids or Viagra were at greater risk of having a heart attack.

Dr McGovern said the drug companies had a responsibility to ensure their drugs were safe.”

If a company is marketing a drug that has been shown to be harmful, that company has a responsibility under the Medicines Act to make sure it is safe and that it doesn’t damage the heart.

“And if it’s proven to be dangerous, it should be withdrawn from the market.”

Dr McGregor told the BBC that he would recommend against taking Viagra or Cialists at all for the following three reasons: “1.

This is a serious condition.

It is quite likely that there are underlying medical conditions that are making the drugs more dangerous than they should be. 2.

This drug could cause a serious complication.


There are other drugs available that are more effective and less damaging to the heart.”Read more:

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