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Ngoc Elysia ATP Blog ‘Hair transplant’ specialist says surgery could be next for Duchess of Cambridge

‘Hair transplant’ specialist says surgery could be next for Duchess of Cambridge

A back surgery specialist at Northside Women’s Specialist has told Newsbeat the Duchess of England will need a “major surgery” if she wants to wear a prosthetic for the rest of her life. 

“It’s a major surgery, but I can’t say it’s a miracle,” said Dr. Sue Jones, a certified coding expert.

“I’d say it might be, but it’s not something I’m going to get right.”

If she had a very bad infection, I’m not sure it would be an easy surgery, I’d say.

“Dr. Jones has worked on a number of royal families and has been working on her own royal surgery for the past three years.

She said there was a good chance the Duchess could have a hip replacement or an operation on her spine.

Dr. Sue said the Duchess has already had hip replacements and other hip surgery in the past.

But, she said, there was not a lot of evidence to show that these surgeries were any safer than the type of surgery she had previously had.”

Dr Jones said she was not aware of any other procedures the Duchess might have to undergo.”

That would be a major operation for her.”

Dr Jones said she was not aware of any other procedures the Duchess might have to undergo.

But, she added, it was possible the Duchess’s doctor could prescribe an alternative treatment, which would be needed for her to be able to wear her prosthetic again. 

Dr. Lee says there is a strong possibility the Duchess will have surgery, which could take place during the next few months, and could include her new prosthetic. 

It is unknown whether this could be a minor operation, or a major one. 

The Duchess of Sussex is due to leave the country for her honeymoon in the coming weeks.

Dr Jones also said she believes it is not uncommon for royal families to have back surgery in order to make sure they can continue to have a normal life.

“It can happen, it’s quite a common occurrence,” she told Newsday.

“But if there’s been a major injury, then it’s very possible that she could need a major procedure.” 

The doctor also said it was not clear if the Duchess would need to get an operation at all, or just a hip. 

However, she did say there is always a possibility the procedure could be necessary, in the future.

“You have to think that the surgeon will do the right thing in a case where the surgery is necessary,” she added.

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