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How to Avoid Burnett Syndrome, the new ‘misdiagnosed’ syndrome

The disease, which affects around one in five Americans, has been described as a mysterious “metamorphosis” of the human body, and is not thought to have any genetic basis. 

Burnett Syndrome is also thought to be linked to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and anxiety. 

“I think we’re living in the most dangerous time of our lifetime,” Dr Scott Burnett, a professor at the University of Minnesota’s medical school, told CBS News.

“We have all these kids, all these children that are at risk, and they’re all under the influence of some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet, and the only way we can protect them is to get rid of the chemical in their system.” 

Dr Burnett said that for many of the symptoms, the brain was still being activated, but it was being diverted away from areas where the brain is active, such as the hippocampus, the area of the brain that processes memories.

“What’s happening is that the chemical is being transferred into the brain and then it’s being transferred from the brain to the spinal cord and then into the blood stream,” he said.

“That’s the first thing that is not being done, that’s not being thought about.” 

In fact, he said, the “chemical” that was causing the problem was actually a natural substance that was being used to protect the body from infection. 

While Burnett’s research is still ongoing, he told ABC News that it was clear that the chemicals were the cause of the syndrome, and not the child’s own brain activity.

“It’s clear that chemicals are causing this,” he told CBS.

“It’s also clear that what the child is exposed to is not something that can be corrected.”

They’re in the same situation as any other kid who is exposed through a parent to these chemicals.

They’re not learning.

They’ve already had their brain damaged.

“So they’re at risk of developing this.”

There are so many things that we can do to help the kids to deal with it.” 

While Dr Burnett described the new diagnosis as a new syndrome, he is not the first one to identify the issue. 

Burnett syndrome has become a public health emergency that has brought together a vast array of health experts, researchers, and physicians from across the country. “

For many of us, the term ‘burnett syndrome’ was a mystery, a mystery that would take us back to the beginning of the world, to the earliest days of humanity, when man first crawled into the earth, and for a long time there was no way of knowing what it was,” she wrote in the book.

“Burnett syndrome has become a public health emergency that has brought together a vast array of health experts, researchers, and physicians from across the country. 

This unprecedented collection of resources has provided an unparalleled platform for scientists, clinicians, and scientists in general to collaborate and provide solutions to the burning epidemic. 

However, until now, it was the child who was in the thick of it.”

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