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A&a’s Jeff Zucker to oversee Aria medical care and research

A&am;s Jeff Zucker, the President of ABC Networks, will lead the effort to help create and oversee a new generation of medical and clinical research centers in Arizona.

The move is part of a $1.8 billion initiative announced by Zucker in January to bring new research into Arizona’s burgeoning medical and research industry.

Zucker, who joined the network in 2016, is currently in Arizona and will be involved in the effort, according to ABC News.

The new center will be named the Aria Research and Development Center.

It will focus on research on heart, kidney and brain function, neurodegenerative disorders, obesity, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The center will also work with the state Department of Public Health to expand access to diagnostic imaging and imaging technology for those with disabilities.

In addition to providing the new centers with the same type of research resources and expertise, the new center is expected to be staffed by a number of top-level researchers, said Jennifer DePasquale, a spokeswoman for the Arizona Health Care Foundation.

Zucker was previously the CEO of the network’s news division.

A>a has long maintained a focus on healthcare.

It recently acquired the Phoenix Suns for $2.6 billion, a move that could create more jobs in the state.

“This will be the biggest and most significant medical center expansion in the country,” Zucker said in a statement.

“We are making a big commitment to our patients, and our doctors, that we will have the best doctors and best care.”

The network said the centers will focus their efforts on three areas: Cardiology, Oncology and Cardiovascular Research.

The first center will focus research on treating cardiac disease, according the statement.

The second center will work with researchers on the role of inflammation in heart disease, the statement said.

The third center will research obesity and chronic bronchitis, the network said.

“The goal is to create a comprehensive network of leading medical and medical research facilities, as well as a strong foundation for future expansion,” the statement continued.

“Our primary focus will be on the development of new drugs and medical devices for patients with advanced chronic disease.”

Zucker will work closely with the Arizona Public Health Institute to create new standards for doctors to prescribe and use new diagnostic tests, according ABC News, adding that he will also be in contact with state legislators to ensure the new systems are in place.

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